Scott Johnson

8125 Hacking Update

Just a quick update on the prior Cingular 8125 Hacks post. NBD 8.0 turned out to not be the most stable ROM for my phone. I'm now running NBD X Update 1. I've been on this ROM since it was released in October without issue.

Well, there is one minor issue that I have noticed, actually. To me, it's so minor that I don't really even consider it to be a problem. When the phone is ringing, on the original ROM, I could hit the volume down button to silence the ring without sending the call immediately to voicemail. With NBD X, the volume button has no effect when the phone is ringing, and I'm instead forced to just hit the ignore button if I don't want to take the call. For me, this is really not a big deal, especially considering that every other feature is rock solid.

Radiohead – In Rainbows

I just bought the download version of the new Radiohead for £0.94. I requested the price of £0.49, but there was a £0.45 credit card processing fee. I'm quite pleased that Radiohead is taking the lead in changing the music industry's business model. I paid so little because I'm not really sure what I'll be getting. I searched briefly but found no details on the format and bitrate of the download. I can certainly see myself purchasing a "second copy" after I receive the first if I am happy with the files. I know I'll like the music—I just wish there was a little more detail on the data itself.

Another Flood

Anonymous Urban Kayaker Glenn Skinner snapped this shot about half a mile from my house today. The kayaker is paddling down what is normally a street.

Update: The kayaker pictured is Dr. Joe Menge.


I have moments of brilliant productivity, and long stretches of banging my head against the wall trying to get momentum. I am currently experiencing the latter and it's driving me nuts. The more crazy I get, the less I get done, the less I get done, the more I start cutting out other things that need to get done (laundry, food shopping, bills, etc.) in order to have more time to dedicate to the stuff I really want to get done... but then more times than not, I still don't get it done, and then have a backlog of a million things big and small that now are all in desperate need of getting done.   —Russell Beattie

That's the story of my life. I totally understand where Russ is coming from.

Cingular 8125 Hacks

OK, so last night I got lost on the forums. When I say lost, I really mean lost. I spent at least 3 hours poring over the various threads about upgrading HTC Wizards (the Cingular 8125's formal name). And today I have an upgraded device. Windows Mobile 6, Office 2007, upgraded camera software, and more.

Here are some links to the upgrades that I went with:

The following were honorable mentions that I haven't tried yet:

The forums forced me to drool over some of the 8525 (aka Hermes) upgrades while I was there:

There was a ton of info on the wiki, too. If you're a Windows Mobile fan, visit these links with caution. You might lose a day or two of your life to WinMo hacking.

Wonderful & Fair

“It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” —Warren Buffett