Scott Johnson

Ansco Pix Panorama

Ansco Pix Panorama

Lately I have been spending less time gazing at digital cameras and the resulting pictures and instead have been more interested in the analog counterparts. In my hours of browsing through flickr, I continuously notice that a lot of people are creating beautiful images with toy cameras. Last night, I remembered that several years ago, I was given the camera pictured here. It's an Ansco Pix Panorama. It's 100% plastic and is completely fixed — fixed focal length, fixed focus, fixed shutter speed, fixed aperture. There is no way to make any sort of adjustment other than the placement of the camera.

Here are the specs:

  • 28mm lens
  • fixed focus
  • 1/125
  • f/11
  • 35mm film
  • 13x36mm panorama mask

This camera was new when I received it, and I think I have only run one roll of film through it since. I just wasn't that interested in it when I received it. Things are different today. I'm hoping to grab a roll of film on the way home from work today to try it out.

Some Ansco Pix Panorama photos on flickr: