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GPS Data Tools

screenshot of tonight's gps track

I use RunKeeper and my phone's GPS to track my outdoor activities that cover any sort of distance. Tonight I initiated the tracking about a fifth of a mile into my walk and wanted to edit the data afterward to include the complete walk. After uploading the data to RunKeeper, I downloaded it in KML form on my Mac. Next, I used the RunKeeper website to create and download another KML file containing the missing segment. GpsPrune made it easy to merge the two KML files and export as one. Finally, I wanted to upload the data back to RunKeeper, but it only accepts GPX or TCX files when uploading. KML2GPX saved the day with a quick conversion, and now my track is live.


I have been reading up on microcontrollers quite a bit lately. Following are the links I have found to be informative.


Raspberry Pi

Other Microcontrollers

Low Power


A Quote from Anthony Bourdain

“Why should you be excited about food trucks? Because they allow creative chefs […] without a lot of money to start creating and selling their stuff, introducing themselves to the world without having to gather up a million dollars or credulous partners. And they're affordable. They're democratic. And they are faster, better, and infinitely preferable to fast food like the king and the clown and the colonel.” —Anthony Bourdain

A Quote from Jim Cramer

“Stocks with good dividends that you reinvest over time are the single best way to generate wealth in this country.” —Jim Cramer

Side Effects

“I love churches, and also the music of J.S. Bach, and many other side-effects of the experience of faith, even though that experience is foreign to me; just can’t get around certain habits of thought involving reproducible evidence and Occam’s razor.” —Tim Bray

Sean Lennon at Gypsy Tea Room

Sean Lennon ticket I just stumbled across the above image in the home office today. That's the ticket to the Sean Lennon show at Gypsy Tea Room. I think it was the last show at that classic venue—or at least one of the last few shows. We left early because Enzo's in utero fondness for music made his mom feel ill.