Scott Johnson

Sharpe Residence at Lucky Dog Ranch

photo of the Sharpe Residence I'm really liking the Sharpe Residence. I first spotted it in the LA Times feature Homes of The Times listed as A 21st century ranch house in Ventura County. I find myself drawn to the way this house combines the open, free-spirited nature of a rural setting with elements of modern architecture and design.

Nestled along a hillside approximately 60 miles from LA, the home seems like a great weekend retreat. The 10,000 square foot home sits on 40 acres of lemon groves. The home's two wings form a right angle, and together with the hills at the rear of the property they create an enclosed private space. In fact, the entire house seems quite isolated due to the abundance of trees on the property, as seen on the satellite image below.

Satellite photo of Sharpe Residence