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I Miss Positively Pomegranate

Positively Pomegranate

Julie bought me a pack of Orbit Positively Pomegranate Gum a while back, probably around May or June of this year. At first, it was just like any other new flavor of gum. I tried it and liked it, but it was nothing special. But by the time I got to the end of the pack, I wanted more.

Fast forward to September 1, which is approximately when I remembered and began to miss that pack of Positively Pomegranate. I have been searching every store I have visited since that day for my favorite flavor of Orbit. And each time I search, I leave empty-handed. Finally, last Friday, Julie reminded me that Positively Pomegranate was a Limited Edition. And today I finally googled it — unfortunately.

I haven't found any firm dates yet, but the consensus is that Positively Pomegranate is no more. Of the few people who enjoyed it, none can find it in their local stores. I searched an online candy store, and they don't have it either. I'm thinking that I will never taste a piece of this wonderful gum again, but if you happen to locate some, please drop a line.

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