Scott Johnson

8125 Hacking Update

Just a quick update on the prior Cingular 8125 Hacks post. NBD 8.0 turned out to not be the most stable ROM for my phone. I'm now running NBD X Update 1. I've been on this ROM since it was released in October without issue.

Well, there is one minor issue that I have noticed, actually. To me, it's so minor that I don't really even consider it to be a problem. When the phone is ringing, on the original ROM, I could hit the volume down button to silence the ring without sending the call immediately to voicemail. With NBD X, the volume button has no effect when the phone is ringing, and I'm instead forced to just hit the ignore button if I don't want to take the call. For me, this is really not a big deal, especially considering that every other feature is rock solid.

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