Scott Johnson

Cingular 8125 Hacks

OK, so last night I got lost on the forums. When I say lost, I really mean lost. I spent at least 3 hours poring over the various threads about upgrading HTC Wizards (the Cingular 8125's formal name). And today I have an upgraded device. Windows Mobile 6, Office 2007, upgraded camera software, and more.

Here are some links to the upgrades that I went with:

The following were honorable mentions that I haven't tried yet:

The forums forced me to drool over some of the 8525 (aka Hermes) upgrades while I was there:

There was a ton of info on the wiki, too. If you're a Windows Mobile fan, visit these links with caution. You might lose a day or two of your life to WinMo hacking.